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Great Global Greyhound Walk

24th of September 2023 at 11:00AM at Ha'penny Bridge  #GGGW

The Great Global Greyhound Walk is a free world wide walking event that aims to raise awareness that greyhounds make great pets. #GGGW brings together fans of retired greyhounds across the globe. Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland created the hashtag #Grá4Greyhounds that you can put on a sign, in case your dog can't make it to the event. 
Please keep in mind
- Whatever weather ...we will be there
- We walk towards Tempel Bar at 11am sharp
- All dogs are welcome to join. Please leave your dog at home, if you think the city sounds or the much given attention will be to much.

- Everyone has full responsibility of their own pet (pick up the poop)

- Bring water for your pet (and your furiend might like some goodies as well..)

- On our website will be the route we will walk together (yes you can walk as little or as much you feel comfortable with)

- The 100 first ones gets a free dog toy (looks like Batman lost all his toys...)
- Let's have a fun event (if grumpy...drink more coffee..)

- If your greyhound/dog is barking.. let them bark as loud as they can, this is their day!

PS, media... please arrive to the event and ask us questions there. 

GGGW route 24th of september dublin city.jpg

Ha'penny Bridge to Temple Bar

By clicking here you can see the route we will walk. We start at 11am in Dublin city the 24th of September 2023. Everyone is welcome to join this free event. Paws and feet.
We look forward to see you there!

free toy from greyhound rescue association of ireland at GGGW 2023.jpg

Free toy to the first 100 !!!!!!!!!!!

This bad ass ninja chew toy is made of strong, vanilla-scented rubber that holds up to tough love from heavy-duty chewing. Fill the toy with your greyhound’s favourite treats or kibble; as your dog plays, treats randomly pop out.
The plush-free dog toy means no more pieces of fabric or stuffing scattered across floors; the stimulating squeaker appeals to your dog’s natural prey drive
Easy to Clean -  by putting it in the top rack of your dishwasher. The first 100 arriving to the event - gets a free toy to bring home.

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